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Florida Lighthouse Association, Inc.

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers
Lighthouse News

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Florida lighthouses are in Red

Other U.S.lighthouses are in Blue

Non U.S. lighthouses are in  Black

02-07-2024 - Climb the Anclote Key lighthouse, a Gulf Coast landmark with more than a century of history

05-20-2023 - What might be in store for 1859 Mayport lighthouse, largely unvisited but not unloved

01-15-2023 - USLHS - Larry Herlth, Alligator Reef, Florida

09-05-2021 - Josh Liller, “The Florida Lighthouse Trail”

06-19-2021 - Historic doorknob stolen from Tybee Island, GA Lighthouse returns home

03-26-2021 - Safety concerns prompt 2-year closure of Cape Lookout, N.C. Lighthouse

03-12-2021 - Florida’s Crooked River Lighthouse looks for volunteers

03-10-2021 - Screwpile Cottage Lighthouses, Part 1, by Josh Liller

02-28-2021 - Dan Spinella and Artworks Florida creating full-scale reproduction Fresnel lenses

02-01-2021 Cape St. George: Ribboncutting Monday for restored lighthouse

01-29-2021 - GLOW UP: St. George Lighthouse renovations complete

11-03-2020 - Sand Key (FL) Lighthouse auction set to close on 11/17

10-21-2020 - Josh Liller: Postbellum Evolution Of The Standard Brick Lighthouse Plan

09-24-2020 - Josh Liller: The Standard Brick Tower Plan Enters Widespread Use

02-07-14 - PBS: GEORGIA OUTDOORS The Lighthouse

08/06/2020 - Florida Crossroads – Tour of Lights: The Southwestern Region

07/22/2020 - Florida Crossroads – Tour of Lights: The Southern Region

07-01-2020 - The Men Who Ran The Lighthouse Service, by Josh Liller

06/29/2020 - Florida Crossroads – Tour of Lights: The Atlantic Region

06-29-2020 - Ralph Krugler, Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse, Florida

06-25-2020 - An excellent resource - The J. Candace Clifford Lighthouse Research Catalog

06-04-2020 - St. Augustine's Flying Lighthouse Cat - A story for kids and adults

05-20-2020 - Jupiter Lighthouse and Museum reopens to the public May 30

05-08-2020 - Return of the light in St. Marks Lighthouse (FL)

03-25-2020 Host Jeremy D’Entremont interviews Josh Liller, Historian and Collections Manager for the Loxahatchee River Historical Society and Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

03-06-2020 Public land under threat: agencies raise alarm about Jupiter Lighthouse area erosion

Living history performer Joseph Smith, portrayer of Augustin Fresnel

John Mann, Felipe De Paula, Ponce Inlet, Florida; invention of the Fresnel lens 2019

Interview with Eric S. Martin, Florida Reef Lights 2019

Fresnel Lens - the invention that saved a million ships

World War II at the Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse - A Foothold on the Southeast Florida Frontier

Sand Key Florida's Two Lighthouses - by Thomas Taylor, 2003

U.S. Lighthouse Society News - Light Hearted ep 41 – Tom Baird, St. Marks Lighthouse, Florida

A visit to the St. George Lighthouse in Northwest Florida

St. George Lighthouse is a reconstruction of the light on Little St. George that fell into the Gulf of Mexico in 2005

Cape Florida Lighthouse and Museum - The oldest structure in South Florida has been attacked by Seminoles, undergone restorations, and still sits at the tip of Key Biscayne

Park rangers discuss the past, present and future of the St. Marks lighthouse as the Wakulla County landmark, one of the oldest lighthouses in the state, undergoes a major renovation

Amelia Island Lighthouse - A local historian shares stories of Florida’s oldest standing lighthouse

Florida Keys Reef Lights - Originally constructed to prevent cargo wreckage on the Florida Reefs, a collection of six, iron screwpile lighthouses provide unique scenic beauty

Located just south of Cedar Key, Seahorse Key served as an important landmark for the second Seminole Wa

Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse projects the country’s strongest beam of light, visible up to 28 nautical miles

The history of the St. Johns River Lighthouse dates back to before Florida achieved statehood

The Boca Grande Lighthouse and museum is the oldest structure on Gasparilla Island

The Gasparilla Island Lighthouse served as a rear-range entrance light for Boca Grande Pass

Anclote Key - A quiet barrier island off the coast of Pinellas and Pasco counties is home to one of Florida’s skeletal lighthouses

Egmont Key Lighthouse - The three-hundred acre island of Egmont Key was occupied by troops in the Civil War and World War II

After falling into the Gulf of Mexico due to a shipwreck, the Sanibel Light Station was finally constructed and lit in 1884

A view of the Gulf of Mexico atop The Crooked River Lighthouse near Carrabelle

Located on Naval Air Station Pensacola, the Pensacola Lighthouse has the tallest focal plane in the state

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse Located on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum

The origins and history of Gulf County as well as its beautiful and historic preservation efforts with its lighthouse

Built on the highest point in Key West at 14 feet above sea level, the Key West Lighthouse is the only Florida lighthouse located within city limits

A statue at the base of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse honors the story of barefoot mailman James Edward Hamilton and his mysterious death

Coast Guard proposes changing lighthouse lenses - 12-23-16

General Meade 'Visits' Lighthouse Friends Jan. 7 - 12-22-16

Region looking for expressions of interest for Fort Point Lighthouse -12-22-16

Beacon shining a light on Wairoa's past - 12-20-16

Picture Post: Historic beacon of light still pointing the way - 12-19-16

Hike: Gray ahales are migrating. where to see them - 12-19-17

The siege of Blackrock Lighthouse - 12-19-17

Bringing life to the Harbor of Refuge Light - 12-17-16

From the Lighthouse - 12-17-16

Bath Museum to Exhibit Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse Lens - 12-15-16

'Keep Nobska in Your Heart' - 12-14-16

'Shine On' New License Plate to Raise Money to restore Tchefuncte Lighthouse - 12-14-16

Land's End to help Restore Marblehead Lighthouse with Sales of Ornaments - 12-14-16

Cedar Island Light is on the Mend - 12-13-16

Hope on Horizon for Stonington Lighthouse Museum Project - 12-12-16

St. George Lighthouse book now available - 12-12-16

Inaccessible Lewes' Refuge lighthouse gets new dock - 12-12-16
Grab a slice of pizza with Santa at the Absecon lighthouse - 12-10-16

This lighthouse and headland are for sale for £1.4 million - 12-10-16

Seahorse Key lighthouse open Saturday -12-9-16

Sonia O'Sullivan: A lighthouse at the edge of the world - 12-9-16
Local man builds scale model of Sylvan Lake - 12-9-16

Protect Pine Islet lighthouse before it's too late - 12-9-16

People and Places with Pierce: Roanoke Marshes - 12-9-16

It Took Seven Years to Make This Lovely Short About a lighthouse Keeper's Discovery - 12-8-16

Caribou lighthouse preservation group seeks support of county council - 12-7-16

Worst damage in 30 years: Iconic lighthouse out of action - 12-7-16

Mathews hires help to preserve lighthouse light - 12-6-16

Eroding West Point lighthouse property needs help now, says advocate - 12-6-16

Scaling Kovalam lighthouse no more an uphill task - 12-5-16

Fort Erie considers how to celebrate lighthouse centennial - 12-5-16

Special-needs center group creates lighthouse - 12-4-16

North Manitou Light Keepers Buy The Crib Lighthouse - 12-4-16

Santa Didn't Forget About the Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse - 12-4-16
Duluth ship canal lighthouses added to National Register - 12-3-16

Armchair Film Adventure features Lighthouses - 12-3-16

Zoning amendment could pave the way for Stonington Lighthouse Museum addition - 12-3-16

Pensacola Lighthouse shining light on early education - 12-3-16

Passion, creativity for lighthouses inspire Halifax author Allan Billard - 12-2-16

A Christmas gift for Port's lighthouse - 12-2-16

Living the lighthouse life - 12-2-16

On this day 1787: Scotland's first modern lighthouse is lit at 3.31pm - 12-2-16

A decorated lighthouse and lighted boats - 11-30-16

102-year-old Kingston Peninsula lighthouse likely to be demolished - 11-30-16

Presque Isle Lighthouse, proposed sanctuary seen as tourist draws - 11-30-16

Multi-million dollar restoration planned for northern Michigan lighthouse - 11-30-16

The Remarkable Lens in America's Oldest Lighthouse Station - 11-30-16

Work underway on Bald Head Island lighthouse - 11-30-16

Lorain Historical Society, cookies at Gift Shop Holiday Open House - 11-15-16
Caught on filmCaught on film - 11-15-16

'To Keep the Light' illuminates the story of the silent worker - 11-15-16

City hopes for $55K grant for lighthouse work - 11-13-16
Save The Bay's two-hour Seal-Lighthouse Tours set to begin on November 19th - 11-12-16

7 Lighthouses Around the World to Inspire a Trip - 11-11-16

People and Places with Pierce: The Roanoke River Lighthouse 1866 -11-11-16
Preserving History: Saving the Lighthouse on Squaw Island Part 1 - 11-11-16

Lighthouse celebrates reopening today - 11-11-16

Split Rock Lighthouse Commemorates Fitzgerald Sinking - 11-10-16

Exploring Havasu: 'The City With The Most Lighthouses' - 11-9-16
Keeping the Fire of Irish Lighthouses Alive - 11-9-16

Soon to be available, a virtual tour of the Round Island Lighthouse - 11-8-16

Point Lookout Lighthouse Open House - 11-6-16

Morris Island lighthouse could re-attach to beach - 11-6-16

Point Malcolm lighthouse switched on for first time since 1931-11-4-16

New book sheds light on Long Island's lighthouses - 11-4-16

Montauk Lighthouse Holiday Illumination Canceled for 2016 - 11-3-16
Bids accepted on historic Connectict lighthouses - 11-3-16

Have You Ever, Ever Felt Like This? The Oral History of 'Round The Twist' - 11-2-16
ROSSI: Port Colborne's lighthouse has a unique history - 11-2-16

New lighthouse movie starring Gerard Butler to illuminate one of Scotland's most baffling mysteries - 11-1-16
Coast Guard Accepts Bids For Sale Of Lighthouses - 11-1-16
Point Sur Lighthouse's haunted past - 11-1-16

290 Jupiter residents without power, lighthouse back on -10-30-16
100 years ago: Plum Beach lighthouse keeper found dead - 10-30-16

Growing up at Boston Light: A Special and Spooky Childhood - 10-29-16

Ghost stories continue to haunt local lighthouses - 10-29-16

Oak Island Lighthouse repairs near completion - 10-29-16
Climb the lighthouse, see wildlife, stay at historic hotel in St. Augustine - 10-28-16

Panmure Island lighthouse to be featured on commemorative coin - 10-27-16
Point Clark Lighthouse, Lucknow Music in the Fields - 10-26-16

Allan Billard discovers Lighthouses of Nova Scotia - 10-26-16
Group fighting to save, restore historic lighthouse on Caribou Island - 10-25-16

After makeover, special fresh coat of paint, Jupiter Lighthouse opens - 10-25-16
MBL Lecture Series Begins With Lighthouses - 1-22-16

Preservation society to shrink wrap Nottawasaga Lighthouse - 10-21-16

Did Matthew splinter Sea Pines lighthouse? - 10-21-16
Restored lighthouse on Lake Erie shore in Ohio dedicated - 10-21-16

Brecknock Hall Foundation presents 'Brilliant Beacons: A History of the American Lighthouse,' - 10-19-16
Lighthouse Foundation hosts Light Night fundraiser - 10-19-16

Who Blows A Lighthouse's Foghorn? - 10-19 16
Italy sells off lighthouses to help balance the books - 10-19-16

Jupiter Lighthouse to be seen in a new light - 10-19-16

Aiming to save lighthouses of Atlantic Canada - 10-14-16

Lighten up your life with these events in Jupiter! - 10-14-16

Mr. Lighthouse honored with Memorial Street Dedication - 10-14-16

Point Sur Lighthouse Ghost Tour - 10-13-16

Architect sought for Tyneside lighthouse overhaul - 10-12-16

Lighthouse preservation a vital aim - 10-12-16

Non-critical lighthouses go to agencies, nonprofits, or sold - 10-12-16
Buyers Beware: Historic Lighthouses Come With Costs - 10-12-16

In Keansburg, replica lighthouse recalls past glory - 10-11-16

Letter: Save the light - 10-10-16
Letter: Save the light - 10-9-16

'All lighthouses to be solarised by December' - 10-9-16

Concerted effort will improve access to the landmark Buffalo Lighthouse - 10-9-16

Overlooked Orleans: Point Breeze lighthouse was doomed - 10-9-16

Lighthouse Festival location of Tour du Teche finish line - 10-8-16

Manitou Lighthouse Sold At Auction - 10-8-16
Renovated Lake Michigan lighthouse in South Haven revealed - 10-8-16

NL Maritime Society to honor its president with lighthouse award - 10-8-16

Lighthouse Festival events at the Wolcott Keeper's House - 10-8-16

Beach run fundraiser for Sabine Pass Lighthouse - 10-8-16
Lighthouse keepers honored - 10-7-16

Undaunted postman delivers letter to Wexford lighthouse using map... - 10-7-16

Michigan's Manitou Island lighthouse sold at auction for $73K - 10-7-16

Renovated South Haven lighthouse to be unveiled Friday morning, Oct. 7 - 10-7-16

Landmark lighthouse to be lit in act of remembrance - 10-6-16

Recently relocated Gay Head Lighthouse is in rough shape - 10-6-16

Montauk Point Lighthouse holiday light display canceled - 10-6-16

Explore Jersey Shore landmarks through 'Lighthouse Challenge' Oct. 15 and 16 - 10-6-16

To The Lighthouse: A Magical Getaway At Dyrhólaey -10-5-16
Hereford Lighthouse - 10-5-16

Menominee's iconic lighthouse undergoes renovations -10-5-16
Cache Valley native wins award for lighthouse contributions - 10-5-16

Strange happenings on Lake Michigan island that's been on fire since June - 10-4-16

Higgins working to increase access to lighthouse - 10-4-16

Movie about lighthouse keepers to start filming next week - 10-3-16

Oktoberfest, Lighthouse Festival and more to do around Wisconsin this week - 10-3-16

Curious History of Oceanside Part 2: WW II, Lighthouse on Oregon Coast - 10-2-16

Last Chance to See The Wind Point Lighthouse for The Season - 10-2-16

Lighthouse Point Fest: Beacon of fun under overcast St. George sky -10-2-16

Seeing Morris Island lighthouse lit might mean a small trek - 10-2-16

New coloring book available during Lighthouse Challenge -9-30-16

Assateague Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse -9-30-16
Morris Island Lighthouse will brighten the skies Saturday  -9-30-16

Oscoda DDA mulls purchase of historic AuSable lighthouse -9-29-16
Book Notes: 'Brilliant Beacons' a readable history of lighthouses -9-29-16

Lighthouse Keepers Honored in Biggest Ceremony Yet -9-29-16
Restored lighthouse on Lake Erie shore in Ohio dedicated -9-29-16

Jupiter Lighthouse roof in need of repairs -9-29-16

BE LOCAL Pensacola Lighthouse: Lighting the way since 1824 - 9-28-16

Why so many New Zealand stamps feature lighthouses - 9-25-2016

New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge Set for Oct. 15 and 16 - 9-24-2016

Spend the night at Point Arena Lighthouse - 9-22-2016

Cape St. Mary’s lighthouse receives heritage designation - 9-22-2016

Volunteers gear up for celebration of Choptank River Lighthouse - 9-21-2016

Morris Island Lighthouse wired to shine Oct. 1 - 9-21-2016

An illuminating find: Ottoman period 'lighthouse' and fisherman's home are unearthed on hill in Israel - 9-21-2016

 - 9-21-2016

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