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Florida Lighthouse Association, Inc.

Preserving, Restoring, Protecting & Defending Florida's Lighthouse Towers


YOU can help Florida’s Historic Lighthouses ~ Please volunteer today!

Committee Meeting Schedule:  In person at each of the 3 membership meetings, by phone approximately four times a year (in between the membership meetings), and in person at the August Planning Retreat.  Each chair will let their committee members know when the next meeting is and provide them with training as well as access to the committee agenda and support materials in advance of each meeting.

Please contact the FLA Office to Volunteer 


Committee Role/Responsibilities

Increase the number of members to support Lighthouse preservation/restoration efforts

  • Recruit new members
  • Get current members to renew
  • Get lapsed members to rejoin
  • Plan & implement membership communications including emails, phone calls, & mailings
  • Oversee membership card distribution
  • Provide orientation to new members
  • Make calls to update & correct information in membership records

Help Needed

  • Greet/Host first time meeting attendees
  • Calls to members to remind them to renew
  • Call to new members or meeting attendees to welcome/answer questions
  • Assist with new member orientation at mtgs
  • Calls to members with missing emails
  • Staff FLA “info booth” at Lighthouse Events
  • Enter prospective member data into excel so names can be added to database


Committee Role/Responsibilities

Ensure Board meets its legal fiduciary duty to protect FLA assets & provide financial oversight. 

  • Prepare budget & monitor monthly financial reports
  • Provide financial reports & analysis at board meetings
  • Ensure that all IRS, Florida & other government  reports are accurate & filed on time
  • Ensure that appropriate financial controls & policies are in place & implemented & that all transactions are appropriately documented
  • Recommend & oversee investments & investment policies if needed

Help Needed

  • Review FLA financial reports monthly
  • Willingness to provide input re budgeting process
  • Assist with analysis/interpretation of financial reports at Board meetings
  • Able to help providing financial literacy training to Board members


Committee Role/Responsibilities

Increase understanding/commitment to Lighthouse restoration/preservation by planning/conducting educational meetings & Lighthouse visits. 

  • Planning & coordinating meeting venues, meals, registration, etc.
  • Oversee meeting promotional website/emails
  • Ensure that meetings generate revenue
  • Recruit engaging informative speakers
  • Arrange for Lighthouse tours
  • Track all registration & attendance
  • Keep financial records re receipts & expenses

Help Needed

  • Assist with meeting room set up &/or clean up
  • Pick up/set up meals/refreshments
  • Research venues for committee, board & membership meeting
  • Research discounted hotel rates
  • Research/price meal providers
  • Assist with identifying speakers
  • Assist with record keeping, registration lists, nametags, etc.
  • Be responsible for planning & implementing room decorations, center pieces, raffle/auction items etc.
  • Do registration at social & meetings


Committee Role/Responsibilities

Increase philanthropic donations for FLA restoration & preservation initiatives.

  • Plan & implement all solicitations
  • Actively engage donors so that they can see how they are helping to save/restore lighthouses
  • Personal visits with major donors to demonstrate the impact of their gifts
  • Following up with donors who have given in the past & are not currently making gifts
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws & regulations
  • Plan & implement Donor recognition activities
  • Increase NET revenue from product sales

Help Needed

  • Make thank you calls to donors
  • Make thank you visits to larger donors
  • Willingness to talk to other donors re their annual campaign gifts
  • Assistance with researching, planning, & implementing donor recognition events in conjunction with membership meetings/program


Committee Role/Responsibilities

Increase understanding of the importance of Florida’s historic lighthouses & support for FLA’s restoration & preservation efforts.

  • Increase FLA brand recognition
  • Publicize and promote grants, meetings, events, etc.
  • Increase income from license plate sales
  • Ensure website & social media is current & accurate
  • Develop FLA publications (brochure, FLASH & E newsletter)
  • Ensure that website content is kept current by communicating with committee chairs on an ongoing basis so that they understand which pages they are responsible for and how to submit changes
  • Maintain the historical documents & research

Help Needed

  • Write FLASH Newsletter (quarterly)
  • Write bi monthly e-newsletter
  • Write PR release for Grants (template provided) & send to local media
  • Help update Social Media accounts
  • Take photos at membership meetings and post on FLA website
  • Edit FLA videos and post to FLA YouTube Channel
  • Follow-up with Committee Chairs to ensure that their web pages have most current information
  • Help update website if needed
  • Assist with research on Florida Lighthouse History
  • Arrange for and help man outreach tables at events held by Lighthouses in FL


Committee Role/Responsibilities

Research the feasibility of establishing a proactive government public affairs/advocacy program to increase government resources available for lighthouses.

Help Needed

  • Research/identify potential partner organizations that are already tracking legislation and implementing “calls to action” re legislative issues
  • Research/make recommendations re  how FLA can best monitor legislation and implement “calls to action”
  • Use Lighthouse survey results and economic impact website  to create a statewide economic impact summary
  • Help gather information from Lighthouses re internal expertise/resources to share with other FLA lighthouse members.

For additional information regarding volunteer opportunities

please contact the FLA Office at

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